Games_v2 release notes


  • GetMedalTable_Season / GetMedalTable_AllTime - added MedalTableInfo block containing 'as of' date, number of events (total, finished, scheduled), number of medals, sport name. The actual medal table is in the MedalTableNOC block.
  • GetMedalTable_Info - removed because it is incorporated in GetMedalTable_Season.
  • GetMedalList_Season - this method contains all medal winners and replaces GetMedalList_Date and GetMedalList_NOC.

Schedule / Live

  • The GetSchedule and GetResultsOfTheDay methods are merged and have a different structure. There is a GetSchedule per day (date), Sport and NOC and contain live information like phase status and match scores.
  • Schedule Matrix - GetSchedule_Matrix is added to create a schedule matrix similar to


  • GetMatchList / GetMatchLiveList - both methods are merged into GetMatchList_EventPhase and will contain live information.
  • GetMatchList_EventPhase / GetMatchInfo - 'Period' fields are renamed to 'CurrentPeriod'.
  • All match related methods - Teams in a match are represented by 'Competitor' fields instead of 'Participant' or 'Opponent'.
  • GetResult_Extended / GetResultDetail_Extended - these methods will be added later and will contain extended results, including phase status, preview, start list and cumulative standings.


  • GetNOCResultsOfTheDay - GetCompetingNowNOC replaces GetNOCResultsOfTheDay and will be added later.


  • GetNOCPersonList - renamed to GetPersonList_NOC.
  • GetPersonList_Sport - added.
  • GetPersonSeasonResultList - replaced by GetSchedulePerson and has a different structure.
  • GetPersonResultList - replaced by GetPersonMajorResultList and also contains results other than Olympic.