Games_v2 release notes

Oct B - 15/10/2021

  • General update for Winter, having endpoints returning from Pyeongchang 2018 data

Jul A - 08/07/2021

  • GetScheduleDate, GetScheduleDateByTime, GetScheduleSport, GetScheduleSportByTime, GetScheduleNOC, GetSchedulePerson, GetScheduleTeam, GetNOCParticipationList_Date: Addition of the "b_TimeUnknown" to field. Applies for Badminton and Tennis. When true means we do not know the exact match/phase date/time. Schedule endpoints will only show matches/phases where b_timeunknown = false, while Bracket endpoints, that already have that field, will show both.
  • GetResult_Extended and GetMatchResult_Extended: Addition of columns c_ScheduleStatus ("SCHEDULED", "FINISHED") and c_ResultStatus ("LIVE", "OFFICIAL") with translated values for these 2 important ODF fields.
  • GetScheduleDate, GetScheduleDateByTime, GetScheduleSport, GetScheduleSportByTime, GetScheduleNOC, GetSchedulePerson, GetScheduleTeam: Only the c_ScheduleStatus field ("SCHEDULED", "FINISHED") mentioned above.

Jun A - 26/05/2021

  • GetMatchResult_Extended: Addition of the field b_StartingLineup on nodes LineUp.Competitor1.LineUp and LineUp.Competitor2.LineUp. This field allow us to differentiate whether a player is in the Starting Line-up or not.

May B - 12/05/2021

  • GetNOCParticipationList_Date:
    • Addition of seeding information (n_SeedNr)
  • GetMedalTableSportDetail_Season:
    • Added the Sport type ID (n_TypeID on the "sport" node)
  • GetResult_Extended:
    • Current node: Addition of last, next and leading participant
    • Added Attempts Overview to the "Current" node. For example: added c_ResultInfo_3 to 14 and c_ResultInfo_3_Header to 14 to Current.CurrentParticipant and Current.LeadingParticipant

Feb B - 01/03/2021

  • GetMatchResult_Extended: Addition of MatchList node for H2H team events (judo, fencing, table tennis). This list will contain a list of individual matches that detail the aggregated score of the "team match".

May B - 30/05/2020

  • GetEventPhaseList_Season: Addition of the ActiveNavigationPhaseID.

May A - 27/05/2020

  • GetEventPhaseList_Season: Addition of the ActiveNavigationPhaseID field, which indicates what is the current phase for each listed event phase
  • GetMatchList_Phase, GetMatchList_EventPhase: Addition of the n_Competitor1SeedNr and n_Competitor2SeedNr fields to the main node, containing the competitors seed number
  • GetMatchResult_Extended:
    • Addition of c_Competitor1Value2 and c_Competitor2Value2 to TeamStatistics node, which contain the total attempts of a specific stat for each team
    • Addition of a "Preview" node with information of the historical matchups of the participating teams, as well as their last results in some competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships)
    • Addition of the n_SeedNr field to the Competitor1 and Competitor2 nodes. This field contains the seed number of the competitors
    • Play-By-Play node:
      • Addition of the following fields:
        • c_ODF_Action: ODF Action code for debugging aid (samples values: "SUBST", "REB" and "P1")
        • ActionResult: Result of an action, like "missed" or "made" for a shot
        • Person roles: c_PersonRole field added to we can handle multiple persons involved in an action. Fields c_SubPersonRole and c_SubPerson2Role added for consistency.
      • Removal of the following obsolete fields: `
        • n_ActionSetID
        • c_ActionSet
        • c_SubAction
        • c_SubActionShort
        • c_SubAction2
        • c_SubActionShort2
        • c_ActionSpecific
  • GetResult_Extended:
    • Added fields c_ResultInfo_1_Header and c_ResultInfo_2_Header to to the Current.Race.ColumnHeaders node. These are used for the headers of the ResultInfo fields for each participant
      • Reaction Time for ATH, SWM individual events
      • Speed for CTR Keirin
      • Rate and Speed for ROW and CSP
    • Addition of the c_ResultInfo_1 and c_ResultInfo_2 fields to the array Current.Race.Race.ParticipantList and will be filled with Bolt data
    • Added the c_ResultInfo_1 and c_ResultInfo_1_Header fields to the array Current.Race.Race. These are about the Race itself: Distance for ROW and CSP.

Apr B - 14/05/2020

  • GetResult_Extended:
    • Addition of the TeamMemberList node to every item of node Current.Race.Race.ParticipantList
    • Addition of fields c_ResultInfo_3 to 12 and c_ResultInfo_3_Header to 12 to Current.CurrentParticipant and Current.LeadingParticipant
    • Addition of Seed information to schedule and match-related endpoints

Apr A - 29/04/2020

  • GetScheduleDate, GetScheduleDateByTime, GetScheduleSport, GetScheduleSportByTime: Addition of fields containing the times of the first and last phase or match of each row (c_TimeFirstEventLocal, c_TimeFirstEventUTC, c_TimeLastEventLocal, c_TimeLastEventUTC)
  • GetMatchResult_Extended: Addition of the EndDateTime node.

Mar C - 13/04/2020

  • GetNOCParticipationList_Date, GetSessionPhaseList, GetCompetingNow_NOC, GetScheduleNOC, GetScheduleDate, GetScheduleDateByTime, GetScheduleSport, GetScheduleSportByTime and GetSchedulePerson: Addition of a "PeriodList" node.

Mar B - 02/04/2020

  • GetMatchResult_Extended:
    • Addition of a generic MatchActions node for Play-by-Play
    • Addition of a generic StatisticList node for PersonStatistics
    • Addition of field "n_Serving" to the MatchInfo node and set to null
    • Addition of fields "c_ResultInfo_1" and "c_ResultInfo_1_Header" in the MatchInfo node, filled with 'Duration' for Judo
    • Addition of tennis-specific fields "c_ExtendedPeriodResult1" and "c_ExtendedPeriodResult2" to each item in the PeriodList. Filled only with tie break scores
    • Addition of five sets of ResultInfo fields to each competitor in the MatchInfo node
  • GetResult_Extended: Addition of DateTimes nodes to StartList.PhaseList.Phase and Result.PhaseList.Phase so we have the start time of specific heats
  • GetMatchList_Phase and GetMatchList_EventPhase: Addition of a PeriodList node similar to the one in GetMatchResultExtended

Mar A - 16/03/2020

  • The entire website was updated to reflect Summer Games sports and Rio 2016 data. New endpoints were created, obsolete ones were removed.